Winning proposal for new theatre building in Prilep, Macedonia.


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Winning proposal for new theatre building in Prilep, Macedonia.

After the recent announcement for an architectural competition for new theater as a part of the home of culture “Marko Cepenkov” in Prilep, for the needs of the theater “Vojdan Chernodrinski” in Prilep, we have won the first place.

Interior Design – HOUSE

House interior in Freiberg, Germany.

Simple home furnishings and beautiful accessories make this  place to chill out and zone out from the busyness of the outside world. The colour scheme is calming and laid back in white, wood tone and light grey. Black metal framework holds up a menagerie of wooden boxes to create different levels and widths of storage and display space. A kitchen diner occupies the space behind the lounge. Creating a new enjoyable atmosphere.

Interior Design – RESTAURANT

MARTIN ROMER HAUS, Zwickau Hauptmarkt 8,

The connection between traditional Italian food outlets (Ristorante, Trattoria, Osteria and Enoteca) and modern interior streams adapted for the given location forms a distinctive identifiable identity complemented by an Italian atmosphere.

Interior Design

We are starting with new interior design for two homes.The design includes an exposed timber frame and a light, airy, healthy and productive workplace.

A brief on who we are

SPIM is a studio for architecture, interior, landscape, graphic design and creative platform open to young architects and designers devoted to discover new possibilities, new ways of thinking, research and development. Our work contains projects located in Macedonia and Europe