SPIM Studio is a progressive, contemporary and creative platform open to young architects and designers devoted to discover new possibilities, new ways of thinking, research and development. It operates in the fields of architecture, urbanism and research – from buildings to public space and large scale urban planning.

Lead by the partners Sinisha Pavlovski and Ilija Mircheski since 2013.
We aim to create a lasting social, economic and environmental impact with everything that we take upon us and we always consider our projects in a local, regional and global context, creating societal value beyond brief and client.

We believe that generosity appears in a careful dialogue with both specific users and the complex surroundings in which we work. Our projects do not inscribe themselves in a specific style but rather into an including and innovative mindset. Architecture is not a matter of a certain style or form, but more importantly its adaptability to the local context, its social life and its users.

SPIM Studio’s work and approach have been awarded on numerous occasions. We are proud and thankful for all of them.

2016 (FIRST PRIZE) / Public Student Competition for Best Graphic Design Poster for “Bista2016 ”
2016 (FIRST PRIZE) / Competition for spatial construction ArcelorMittal
2018 (FIRST PRIZE) / Competition for a New Theater building in Prilep

2016 / BUR winning projects have been published in arquiRED.com
2016/ WA wa-wettbewerbe aktuell magazine has published the BUR competition winners
2016/ Biennale of architecture students – BISTA 2016 
2016 / Newspaper “Porta 3” No. 250, November 2016, Berlin University residences
2016 / “Porta 3”, Berlin University residences
2018 / Winning proposal of the competition for a new Theater building in Prilep / Pavlovski, Mirceski
2018 / “SPIM Studio” winners at the Competition for the Prilep’s new Theater 
2018 / Mayor Jovanoski received the authors of the the idea for a new theater building

2018 / Exhibition on Biennale of Macednian Architecture BIMAS2018