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Project NameNorth Design Union Headquarters
TypeCompetition FINALIST (Top 31 from 704 entries)
ProgramPublic space, Mixeduse, Ofiice space
ClientNorth Design Union, Tianjin, China, North Design Union Headquarters
LocationTianjin, China
Image creditsSPIM Studio
TeamSinisha Pavlovski, Ilija Mircheski


2019 FINALIST (Top 31 from 704 entries) /North Design Union Headquarters – Architecture Design Competition 2019

The form of the building is both abstract and gestural. Focusing on a single, clear volume, developed around a central courtyard. Large urban openings connect this central void with the exterior surroundings, providing views over the city. In a spatial disposition, the object is located at the left end of the plot, in line with the surrounding buildings, thus preserving the established street front. The back of the plot, the right part, is intended for a green area, supposed to be a garden, a park that will integrate the whole environment. The main idea is to add a value to the block, a perceptible angle with strong spatial implication. Complementing the integrating concept, the public level in the building that is foreseen to be accessible for everyone, to be public and to present a passage as the main circular path in the environment.

The initial generated volume stems from the basic settings of location urban conditions. By managing the urban tools, the percentage of construction and the coefficient of utilization, a volume is obtained, that is, an archetype of the inner courtyard. In many different cultures, the inner courtyard establishes the conjunction of common space and common life, a place where all spiritual exaltation are realized.

The next step is to divide the already received block structure into separate four volumes. With their separation, common yard is centralized as a focal point and it’s accessible from all sides. This stage is main role for creating a new conceptual layer had a Chinese traditional house, Siheyuan.

In that essence, the concept is about making separate objects, each of them having a different purpose, belonging to one family and one unifying owner of the whole composition of several objects.

That concept of separate volumes from all four sides is repeated in the upper half but with the mirror positions of the volumes. The new structure of the whole volume is divided into two parts which define the cut portions on the facade that emphasize the monumentality of the concept and the object. Each of the grouped four volumes has separate communication cores that allow easy primary communication across all floors.

The program division is such that it ensures full integration of all users of the space, the level of publicity to the privacy of the premises takes place on a vertical. On the basement level, public contents are provided in order to connect the object with the surroundings around it. It becomes accessible and transparent. In the first part of the building, the first two floors provide all additional facilities that would enrich the stay of employees and visitors, commercial, catering and sports. At the intersection of the two building parts, two floors provide for all open programs in which the comfort of the employees will be satisfied. In that part there are all needs for rest, recreation, open amphitheaters, open lecture rooms and conference rooms. Hypothetically, it is an open square where various manifestations are derived in different parts of that level. In the upper parts, the last 3 levels are provided for office needs and research activities. The possibility of separating the offices is large and unlimited. Our proposal is a blend between the open and independent type of offices, supplementing the needs for carrying out research activities.

The design elaborates the social, cultural and professional ambitions of the company by combining the workplace with other communal activities.

Our new building echoes the aspirations of a modern organization, mediating between local and global, private and public, collective and individual, formal and informal, and in doing so establishing its dynamic identity.