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Project NameTheatre Prilep
TypeCompetition 1st prize
ProgramCulture, Public space, Mixed use
ClientMunicipality of Prilep
LocationPrilep NMK
Image creditsSPIM Studio
TeamSinisha Pavlovski, Ilija Mircheski


2018 (FIRST PRIZE) / Competition for a New Theater building in Prilep

Theater creates an opportunity to create a new image of the city that will respond to the needs of the present time will give a new insignia to the city. The goal is the object and the public space around it to attract and activate the environment to take part and to contribute in shaping the overall picture.

The location of the site and its connection with the city led to the development of a concept that was the starting point for the development of the entire project. How can this existing public space be built into our theatre. How to make a connection between the square and the theatre? The development of the idea begins in the way in which the entire volume that is available is divided into two functional units. The first is the space that is intended for the public, and the other is the space that is intended for the employees in the theater and the actors. So the intersection between these two functional units represents the theater and the main stage. This led to a clear program division and placement in relation to the surface of the building. Thus divided are three functional units: public part, stage and viewing room and premises for the employees in the theater.

The whole theatre is conceived to be derived from a reinforced concrete structure divided into two parts into the junction of the auditorium and stage part. And additional steel structure for the entrance part.

Apart from the simple form that the theater has with the help of certain architectural tools, a different architectural expression is depicted. The full attention of the visitor and the surrounding passerby is the entrance party with its theatrical stairs. All this in order to get the connection of the building with the square, and at the same time create a new treatment of the space. The same emphasis is emphasized by wood processing which gives heat and separates it as individual architectural element.

The remaining part that is not treated with the entrances is breaking the monotony of the cubic shape by simply treating facade surfaces with vertically placed metal flasks. And as the final element that reflects the architectural expression are the large corrugated glass surfaces, which complement the original idea of ​​connecting not only physically, but also visually with the square itself, and also the city.

All of these program units are united under one idea and translated into an object that meets the technical needs of a new modern theater, the program requirements of the competition documentation, fills the program units that were lost by demolishing the existing objects. This enables the connection of the object with the public space, thus opening new moments in the existence of the object and its location in the central city area.

PUBLICATIONS 2018 / Winning proposal of the competition for a new Theater building in Prilep / Pavlovski, Mirceski 2018 / "SPIM Studio" winners at the Competition for the Prilep's new Theater  2018 / Mayor Jovanoski received the authors of the the idea for a new theater building