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Project NameZagreb Observation Tower
TypeCompetition FINALIST
ProgramPublic space, Mixeduse
ClientAscension, ZOT Design Competition, Ex-Development
LocationZagreb, HR
Image creditsSPIM Studio
TeamSinisha Pavlovski, Ilija Mircheski

SKY CUBES - complexity of the simple

Design concept
2019 FINALIST /Ascension, ZOT Design Competition, Ex-Development

The new observation tower in Zagreb is placed on the bank of the Sava River, as а merging line between the two parts of the city. The old center, featuring historical landmarks and the new center, which envisages new challenges and prospects for the future and next development of the city.

The tower has reached the maximum allowed height, in order to become a vertical which will be recognized from all parts of the city, and it will also provide the most distant views. Emphasizing the height in architectural sense, that is, the verticality that serves the everyday needs, gets a certain value by mirroring the timeless (with the concept of the term AXIS MUNDI).

In the very sense of the concept, the question arises as to how to connect the architectonic type of a vertical tower and domestic national prides. The Croatian pride is recognized through the term "Cubes" ("kockasti" in Croatian), which have been implemented on their national symbols in the form of squares of red and white "Croatian checkerboard".

The final result is four volumes, three of which are cubes, and the last is a spire, attached to the elevator core, which is the main construction element. An internal steel grid hanging on a concrete core, will create the effect of cubes floating through the sky. Cubes dominate with their size and materiality. Their dimensions are characterized that they look dominant in relation to the environment, leaving an impression of a larger radius. Coated on the outer side with polished aluminum, which will reflect and dematerialize the cubes and their size. While you are above them, you create an emotion of infinity in height.

Within the cubes, frames are formed, the perspective windows with views that frame the parts of the city, standing inside, occupied by the full materiality of one color and uniformity. The architectural structure is composed of different levels of breath-takings views during each climb.

Each floor has windows facing in a different direction to the last one. This means that as a visitor walks through the building, they get to see a new, framed view. It is a kind of design element that creates an experience and encourages people to continue exploring. Their connection is with scales that float through the space and allow visitors to look at all sides.

To complete the entire volume and become an architecton, all the elements are covered with a transparent net or a cover that adds a new expression in the space. Net construction would be made of steel profiles with small dimensions that will not disrupt the overall appearance.

Expression will be recognized by its unique form and advanced approach. The new tower with its design elaborates the social, cultural and professional ambition of the organizer of this competition, combining national pride with the new architectural achievements.

The design is an echo of aspiration, meditating between the local and the global, the collective and the individual, forming a new strong identity.